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Proudly serving Tuscarora Township

Department Roster

Gordon Temple

Chief Gordon Temple

Chief Temple started his Law-Enforcement Career in 1996

Serving Tuscarora Township Since 1997

Jeff JohnsonOfficer Jeffery Johnson

Officer Johnson started his Law-Enforcement Career in 1995

Serving Tuscarora Township Since 1996

Brandon BlumkeSgt. Brandon Blumke

Sgt. Blumke started his Law-Enforcement Career serving Tuscarora Township and continues to serve since 1999

Walt ChamberlainOfficer Walt Chamberlain

Officer Chamberlain started his Law-Enforcement Career in 2001

Serving Tuscarora Township Since 2003

Chris DiehlOfficer Chris Diehl

Officer Diehl started as a part time officer for Tuscarora Township in December 2007

He became full time in August 2009

STacy LaLondeOfficer Stacy LaLonde

Officer LaLonde started his law-enforcement career in 1997.

Serving Tuscarora Township since 2014.

Mickelo AndersonOfficer Mickelo Anderson

Officer Anderson has been serving Tuscarora Township since 2012.



0fficer Janet Myerson

Serving Tuscarora Township since 2018.