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Proudly serving Tuscarora Township

Department Roster

Gordon Temple

Chief Gordon Temple

Chief Temple started his Law-Enforcement Career in 1996

Serving Tuscarora Township Since 1997

Jeff JohnsonOfficer Jeffery Johnson

Officer Johnson started his Law-Enforcement Career in 1995

Serving Tuscarora Township Since 1996

Brandon BlumkeSgt. Brandon Blumke

Sgt. Blumke started his Law-Enforcement Career serving Tuscarora Township and continues to serve since 1999

Walt ChamberlainOfficer Walt Chamberlain

Officer Chamberlain started his Law-Enforcement Career in 2001

Serving Tuscarora Township Since 2003

Chris DiehlOfficer Chris Diehl

Officer Diehl started as a part time officer for Tuscarora Township in December 2007

He became full time in August 2009

STacy LaLondeOfficer Stacy LaLonde

Officer LaLonde started his law-enforcement career in 1997.

Serving Tuscarora Township since 2014.

Mickelo AndersonOfficer Mickelo Anderson

Officer Anderson has been serving Tuscarora Township since 2012.

Jackson BradleyOfficer Jackson Bradley

Serving Tuscarora Township since 2016.



0fficer Janet Myerson

Serving Tuscarora Township since 2018.