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History of the
Tuscarora Township Police Department

Old Police DepartmentThe Tuscarora Township Police Department was established in July of 1965 when Roy Hinkle was hired as the first Chief.  Hinkle operated the Police Department out of his residence, and the Police Department consisted only of him.  During the summer of 1970, another officer was hired.  And again, during the summer of 1971, another officer was hired.  In approximately 1973, the fire department moved out of an addition that had been built on the township hall, and the police department moved into that addition.  Chief Hinkle retired in July of 1978, and at that time the department consisted of four police officers, including the Chief and a secretary.

Ken Evoy, who was Sergeant under Chief Hinkle, was promoted to Chief.

Old Police CarIn 1983, Robert Fullerton was appointed as Chief and served that capacity until 1987.  Chief Fullerton came to Tuscarora Township from Mackinaw City where he had been Chief.  Prior to that, he had been employed by the Detroit Police Department.

When Chief Fullerton left the police department, Sgt. Roger Brown ran the department until his appointment as Chief in April of 1989.  Chief Brown served in that capacity until March of 1994.

In March of 1994, Robert Wagner was appointed Chief.  Wagner was a Sergeant on the police department at the time of his promotion.

The number of personnel at the Police Department has fluctuated greatly during it’s history.  During the time if the Federal Government CETA program, the department was at it’s highest strength, and dwindled to two personnel during parts of the 1980’s.

Past Police Chiefs

  • Chief Robert Wagner — Served as Chief 1994 – 2014
  • Chief Roger Brown — Served as Chief  1989 – 1994
  • Chief Robert Fullerton — Served as Chief  1983 – 1987
  • Chief Ken Evoy — Served as Chief  1978 – 1983
  • Chief Roy Hinkle — Served as Chief  1965 – 1978